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We are currently rebuilding our infrastructure as our services are return to a normal state. I'd like to thank customers that are remaining on our service. We have good plans in the future. XpressAmerica, and XATel are here to stay. XpressAmerica, was dependant on other providers as it expanded. Those providers failed XATel in it's time of need. Our future is to own what we offer. We offer what no ISP, or incumbent can offer. The future is wireless, even the competitiors know this. It scares them. We know wireless better than them. With speeds over 1Gb through wireless it can match any other means of getting internet to you. Wireless has the speed of fiber without the cost of installing fiber. With new technology XA plans on expanding as the months go by. At first we are installing an all fiber active ethernet connection directly in to our facilities here on Green St. With expanded hosting services in play we can be more competitive, and offer services not obtained before at an affordable price. Phone, and television are on the chopping block. We will keep you informed as we expand. XA is planning to have our regular office hours available this week. The office phone should be back available also without the announcement you are currently getting. XpressAmerica will be offering computer repair again to the public for a limited time. If you have any questions please email us. at Support



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